Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Humane Society

After Amy's house we went to the Humane Society to ask questions and check out the dogs. Another reason was so that we could drop off two huge bags of stuffed animals and five blankets. We pulled into the parking lot, and the first thing I noticed was a few big fenced-in grassy areas. On closer inspection, they turned out to be dog exercise areas. The dogs would be taken out there and get the running around out of their system. Enough with the outdoors. I entered the building and saw the rabbit habitat first.

The rabbits had their small section of the building designed just for them, with ramps and stick huts. They had plenty to eat, a sign of the Humane Society's care. They were just lying around, sleeping, eating, and occasionally, hopping around. I called Mom in from parking the car, so she could see the bunnies. Mom is fascinated with bunnies. I don't think it will be long before Dad cracks and lets her get one. However, the bunnies got boring. On to the dogs.

The dogs also had their own section of the building to themselves. There were about thirty different rooms. Almost every room contained a dog. In each room there was a bed, a chair for the workers coming in, and toys. I discovered that the smaller the dog, the more toys they had. Mom referred to the toys as the dogs traveling companion, which sounded very true to me. Also, the smaller the dog, the cuter it was.

The cutest one, well that was a tie between Oliver and Lilly. Both of them were Chihuahua mixes. In fact, most dogs there were Chihuahua mixes (some conspiracy against Chihuahuas?) but the dogs didn't really care. Oliver was a cute black dog the reminded me of our old dog Trinket, only with different eyebrows. Oliver was also smaller than Trinket. Lilly was whitish-tanish dog that loved the worker who came in to feed her and clean her windows. When the worker left, Lilly kept trying to find a way through the doors.

Will it stay a tie? Who knows? But I hope they both get adopted. Whatever, family they go to, they're sure to show their love and caring.


  1. I guess I'm still not much of a bunny person. The dogs sound much more interesting. - Dad

  2. It sounds like a very nice facility where they take good care of the animals. Were you able to give toys to the dogs?

  3. Yes we were able to give the toys away. There is a donation drop-off place where you put your donation in a big blue box.