Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Big Photo Shoot

Yesterday was my big moment. After lots of discussion, Mom finally got the Humane Society to do something exciting. Just what? I got to have my picture taken, the possibility of being in the Humane Society's fall newsletter and a chance to be in our local paper, the Los Gatos Weekly. This is just how it all went down.

We showed up with the car stuffed with stuff. I was holding some of the cuter stuffed animals to take some load off. Some of the Humane Society people were hosting a meeting outside, so we passed them on the way in. We came inside and told the person at the front desk why we were there. While we were waiting, we saw some new employees getting introduced to a big, 70-pound Shepherd and Chow mix named Dino (pronounced Dee-no). The person we asked for came in and saw that we were watching Dino. She explained that he would be the dog in the pictures with me later.

Now, let me explain about Dino. He's a young dog at only 4 years old, yet he's already had hip problems. In fact, he has a artificial hip. On the hip, you can see the mark where they did the surgery. However, that does not stop him from wanting to play, but the people have to stop him from playing TOO much.

Once we were done talking about the pictures later, with guidance from one of their trainers, I took Dino for a short walk. Actually, I'd more describe it as him tugging and me holding on in the begging. But after a little time, he started to walk calmly at my side. He's very sweet, and I got to give him some treats for being such a good dog. I wish Trinket got to have some of those treats. They were hamburger flavor.

As for the pictures, they were pretty boring compared to walking a dog that is about as heavy as you are. I'm glad I got to spend some time at the Humane Society.


  1. That's great. I'm glad you're getting some good press for doing something kind foe the homeless animals. Keep up the good work!!